What makes a good application?

Please check that the applicant lives in a Ward we cover

The Trustees need to understand:

• What led to the present circumstances
• The extent of the applicant’s ability to provide for themselves
• The age(s) of the applicant’s dependent child(ren)
• Health factors that have contributed to the current need
• Health factors that might impact the way an award is to be made

The Trustees also need:

• Details of each of the amounts and sources of the applicant’s family income
• Details of any financial support from spouse/partner/former spouse/former partner, where relevant
• Details of the nature and amounts of each of the applicant’s financial commitments

Finally, the Trustees need to be clear about:

• What practical help you are asking for
• Whether help would be needed assembling furniture or installing appliances

While the Trustees recognise and accept that in some circumstances it may not be possible to provide all of this information, seriously incomplete applications may be delayed or refused.