Referrals from Professional.

The Wembley Compassionate Fund  requires applications to come from a professional person e.g. teacher, lawyer, doctor, therapist, legal representative, religious leader, social worker, local Brent Councillor, district nurse etc.


The Fund does not consider applications directly from the individual concerned


All applications are treated in the strictest confidence. The suitability of your application in terms of the charity’s objective of assisting the sick poor of Wembley will be considered by the Trustees. The officers from the Fund may contact you if the Trustees require further information.


The application form requires you to complete a declaration that you have read our privacy and data protection policy and have drawn it to the attention of the applicant. You can access the policy using this link.




Please use our application form by clicking on the link below. When we receive the application, we will notify the applicant that you have made an application on their behalf.




Alternatively, a printed form for completion by hand, or a Word file version, is available on request from