The History of the Fund

This charity was originally set up in 1904 by local District Nurses and Health Visitors who created the fund out of their own pockets to address poverty. They called it “The Wembley District Nursing Association Fund”. In 1953 the fund became a Registered Charity and was renamed as “The Wembley Samaritan Fund”, continuing to serve the sick and poor residents of the old Borough of Wembley. Today, the Fund provides support to people living in the following Brent Wards: Alperton, Barnhill, Kenton, Northwick Park, Preston, Sudbury, Tokyngton and Wembley Central and the name has been changed a second time to “Wembley Compassionate Fund” to avoid confusion with The Samaritans and to reflect the “compassion” which we aim to show to those who we help regardless of colour, religion or ethnicity.

The Welfare system
was very primitive
when the Charity was
started in 1904.
Poverty is always with us

We continue to support professional people, for example, local councillors who work in our area, to help local residents in urgent need of help, for example:

• to assist in payment of heating bills where extra heating was used through illness
• to purchase bedding, clothing, essential household appliances, etc
• to help with the provision of special dietary requirements for those suffering hardship through illness
• to purchase equipment that is not available from the NHS or Brent Council
• to provide help for school trips and school uniforms and shoes
• to provide help and support to carers of all ages

The Fund does not consider applications from individuals.

Requests for help must be submitted by a relevant professional on behalf of an individual or family.

Please use this link REFERRALS FROM PROFESSIONAL for further guidance.