How we can help those in need in our area.

Below are a few recent examples of people who have been helped by our charity the Wembley Compassionate Fund.


  1. WEMBLEY CENTRAL WARD – A referral from a local minister led to a young family receiving significant food supplies; they were also directed to help from other agencies. Provided a mattress for an applicant who only had a bed frame.

  2. SUDBURY WARD – A local councillor referred a terminally ill man who subsequently received a suitable bed for his home. New school shoes for a one parent family. A referral from a local Catholic Church to help a resident with serious health issues who needed a washing machine. War Veteran unable to get out to shops supported with a new fridge freezer and a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

  3. ALPERTON WARD – A young mother living in a hostel was given nursery equipment after a social worker referred her to the Fund.

  4. TOKYNGTON WARD – New school shoes for two  young children referred by local Councillor. A small oven and freezer for a client with no cooking equipment.

  5. NORTHWICK PARK WARD – Help with special food for a man with serious health issues; supplying a washing machine to help with daily tasks. Supplied a bed for caring family member to stay and help during a prolonged period of bad health.


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